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Video Remote Interpreting

“When you want the best…call SLIS VRI”

Video Remote Interpreting

SLIS VRI provides effective communication when you need a highly qualified sign language interpreter but one is not available in person. SLIS VRI is available on demand 24 hours a day everyday of the year.

We provide Video Remote Interpreting for immediate needs as well as advance requests, and for virtually any setting. VRI is an efficient and cost effective alternative to onsite sign language interpreting when:

When choosing a video remote interpreting provider, you want to make sure you get quality, simplicity, security, and support.

Quality: SLIS VRI schedules only nationally certified sign language interpreters with extensive training and experience in video interpreting. Our technology platform is state of the art, with exceptional video and audio quality.

Simplicity: SLIS VRI requires only a computer with webcam/speakers/microphone and a high speed internet connection. You can connect with your PC or Mac, your desktop, laptop or tablet.

Security: SLIS VRI platform is secure, private, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant.

Support: SLIS VRI provides at no cost the technical support and customer service you need for effective and professional video remote sign language interpreting services.

When comparing costs, it is important to know with SLIS VRI you do not pay for upfront fees, software downloads, licensing fees, or subscription plans. You pay for the services you need following our Rates and Polices. And with remote interpreting there are no travel or mileage costs.

For more information or to request services, call 770-531-0700 or email us at